28 Apr 2015

Serving God's Creation

Lesson Objectives:
- To understand the honour of serving others
- To understand that we can be helpers of Allah, by helping others
- To understand why it is important to share our blessings and help others.
- To know that one way of being a servant of Allah, is to serve His creation.

Quran Verse:
Koonoo ansarallah
Be helpers of Allah 61:14

Lesson Introduction:
Allah is Al Qadir, the Most Powerful. He can do anything, and he doesn't need anyone. But in the Qur'an, Allah asks us to be his helpers. He gives us the opportunity to work for him, and become close to him. What an honour to be a helping hand for Allah!

The helpers of Allah, serve the creation. They share the blessings Allah has given them, to help and be useful to those around them. They help to make the world a kinder, more peaceful place.
Serving the creation is a way of serving Allah. We shouldn’t expect anything from those we help. Our actions are only to please Allah.
When we share the blessings of Allah with those around us, our manners show people what a beautiful religion Islam is.


Pray Together
O Allah, help me to be your helper and serve your creation, using everything I have.
Rabbana Dua: Our Lord! Accept this service from us

Extended Home Activity
Make a service jar and fill with slips of paper, with different ways to serve each family member. Make bed/Give a hug,” or “Do the dishes.”
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