28 Apr 2015

You Can Make A Difference

Quran Verse:
Koonoo ansarallah
Be helpers of Allah 61:14

Activity: You can make a difference
Show the group a ballpen, out of which the spring has been removed. Ask what they think the most important part of the pen is. Ink is a common answer. Let several kids try to use the pen, and see if it works properly. They will conclude something is broken. Yes, the reason this pen is not working properly is that it is missing a part. It may seem like an insignificant part, but the pen cannot work without it. It is the spring! Insert the spring back into the pen, and let a few children confirm that it is now working properly.
For the pen to work correctly, it needs all it’s pieces. Every part is important.

To Allah, each helper is important, even if we're little. Every act of kindness, every blessing we share, makes a difference.

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