6 May 2015

Fruit In The Qur'an

Learning Objectives:
- To learn the Quranic vocabulary for 5 fruits which are mentioned in the Qur’an
- To know these special fruits are extra nutritious and beneficial for us to have.

Quran Verse:
Eat of the good things 2:172
kuloo min tayyibati

Quranic Vocabulary:

Talk about each fruit, letting the children explore how they feel, taste, and look like inside. 
Basic facts
Olives: use for massage and eat ‘blessed tree’
Figs: no seeds! Seed becomes edible fruit
Grapes: dried becomes raisins
Dates: sweet, quick source of energy
Pomegranate: one of Prophet's favorites. Friday breakfast

You may even try a blindfold taste test. Explain, how it is important to respect food as a blessing from Allah, even if you aren't keen on the taste. It can take upto ten tries before your tastebuds can decide whether they actually like it or not!

As you offer the fruit plate, have the children ask for what they'd like using the Arabic vocabulary.

Song: To the tune of twinkle little star
'Enab 'Enab juicy grape
Rutab Rutab a brown date
Teen teen a fig I see
Zaytoon olive on a tree
Sweet red rumman
These are fruits in the Qur'an

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