6 May 2015

Mealtime Manners

Learning Objective:
- To know and practice the basic guidelines for correct table manners as taught by the Ahlulbayt.
- To understand the importance of remembering Allah when we start and end our meals.

Lesson Introduction:
The manners with which we eat our food is important. The Ahlulbayt have taught us what we should and shouldn't do.
It is important to remember Allah is Ar Razzaq, the Provider. We must always start in His name and end by giving thanks to Him.

Role play the steps, practising scenarios like the food being too hot or what to do if mummy cooked something you didn't like!

Taken from Issue 9 Muslim Mums Magazine.
You can download a copy online:
Dua before eating: 
'Allahumar zukna rizkan halalan tayyiban.' O Allah, give us food that is halal and good.
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