14 May 2015

Wearing Taqwa

Lesson Objectives:
- To understand what dressing in taqwa means
- To understand the importance of having taqwa

Quran Verse:
Wa libaasut taqwa dhalika khayr
The clothing of taqwa is the best 7:26

When we have taqwa and remember Allah all the time, we are careful what words we say, what we listen to, what we look at and the things we do. Everything has an affect on our soul. We must be careful to protect it from harm.

SEE: TV/Posters on billboards unsuitable images. 
Put a blindfold on – look down/change channel

HEAR: Bad words/talking mean about someone else/gossip
Earplugs/headphone – not listen/walk away

SAY: think before speak is it true/helpful/kind?
Sellotape – not say 

When we 'wear taqwa', we are aware of Allah all the time and protect our soul by not looking at, listening to or saying what is wrong'.

Download Complete Lesson Plan: Taqwa: Protecting Your Soul

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