14 May 2015

Save the goal, protect your soul!

Set up a goal and demonstrate how when the goal is not guarded, it it easy to score and get the ball into the net! When we don’t wear the clothing of taqwa, our soul is not protected and bad whispers can easily harm it.

Explain how the goal represents your soul and the ball represents the bad whispers. Do we want to listen to the bad whispers and do what is wrong? Do we want to let them in and harm our soul? We must have strong taqwa to save the goal and protect our soul!

Have the children take turns to wear the ‘taqwa armour’ and be the goalkeeper. Have the others name an action that would harm the soul, before trying to score. E.g. Dishonesty, not sharing, rude, disobedience, Bad friends, mean words.

If the goalkeeper saves the ball, cheer and praise him for having strong taqwa and protecting his soul.
If the ball gets into the net, use the opportunity to talk about how the goalkeeper needs to strengthen his taqwa by increasing his remembrance of Allah and let him have another turn.

Without taqwa, we can not protect our soul. Taqwa is the most important piece of clothing we must wear everyday! We can make our taqwa stronger, by increasing increasing our remembrance of Allah.

Download Complete Lesson Plan: Taqwa: Protecting Your Soul

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