23 Jun 2015

Quran Word A Day: Shams/Sun

Learning Objective:
To know that life on Earth would be impossible without the Sun
- To appreciate the perfection of Allah in placing the Sun and the Earth exactly in the right place.

Qur'an Word: Shams - Sun

Qur'an Verse: It is He who made the sun a shining light 10:5

The sun is a glowing ball of hot gas and the brightest object in our universe. It provides us with light, heat and energy. Without the sun, life on Earth would not exist.

If the Earth was closer to the sun, the temperature would rise and it would become too hot for us to survive. If the distance was greater and Earth was further away from the sun, it would be so cold that our planet would be frozen! Allah has made the distance just right. SubhanAllah, He makes everything perfect!
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