23 Jun 2015

The Moon

Learning Objective:
- to understand the importance of the moon in determining the time of the month.
- to understand the correlation between the passing of time and the change in moon shape.
to understand what it means to look for the new moon, especially at the start of the month of Ramadhan.

Qur'an Word: Qamar - Moon
Qur'an Verse: And We have made set phases for the moon 36:39

Activity: Moon Facts
- no light of own, reflects sun
- made of rocks
- doesn't have air
- is 4x smaller than Earth
- you can float on the moon!
- has lots of holes on it

Activity: The Moon goes around The Earth
Place a globe at the centre of a circle and have the children walk around it as they chant the moon song to the tune of 'The farmer's in his den'.
"The Moon goes round the Earth, The Moon goes round the Earth, once a month, every month, The Moon goes round the Earth". 

The Lunar Calendar follows the Moon. A month is the time the moon takes to pass through a complete cycle of its phases, and is measured from one New Moon upto the next. The word month comes from the word Moon! 

Allah tells us in the Quran there are 12 months in the lunar calendar, but since each month is around 29 days, the Islamic calendar is shorter than the Gregorian calendar, and that’s why the month of Ramadhan is earlier every year! This allows us to experience fasting in different seasons, sometimes when the days are long and others in winter when the days are short.

Activity: Simple Paper Plate Sequencing
The moon changes shape as the days pass, starting as a thin crescent when the month begins, progressing to half-moon and then full moon. Practice sequencing and familiarize with the moon phases. Depending on the child, the activity can be extended to include both waxing and waning phases.

Activity: Paper Plate Rotating Moon
Use a paper plate, earth circle cut out, an arrow and a moon circle sticker to illustrate the moon revolving around the Earth. Pictures of the different phases the moon passes through over the month can be stuck around the plate. For younger children, number the images to stick in order. Older children can label with the phases names. 

Activity: Moon Phase Viewer

A simple moon phase demonstration to help children see how the shape of the moon changes over the course of a month. A tutorial explaining how to make the craft using an A5 piece of card can be found online.

Extension Activitiy: Islamic Rotating Calendar
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