9 Jun 2015

Put God First

Lesson Objective:
- To understand that to be successful we must put God first and give importance to Salaa.

Allahu Akber! Allah is greater than anything and anyone! We must make Him the focus of our lives and give more importance to the things that He has asked us to do, than what we want to do. We must always put Allah first!

There are so many activities we do each day. Scoop some rice into a jar as you name each activity that fills the day. Continue to add the rice until the jar is full.

Show some golf balls and explain how they represent the things which Allah has asked us to do Salaa, Qur’an etc.  – how will we fit these in now? If we're busy doing only what we want to do and haven't planned our day to do what Allah loves, then we haven't filled our day with what's truly important. 

Empty the jar and fill back in reverse order with the balls first followed by the rice.
But if we put God first and do what He has asked us to, He will bless our day in a way that it can be filled with true success!

Watch the visual lesson: Put God First

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