9 Jun 2015

Salaa Chatterbox

Recap salaa learning in a fun way by making a chatterbox!
Mark up and write various salaa related questions under the flaps:

An example of a simple Salaa chatterbox with lots of movement!
1. Choose a number and count out
2. Which salaa has the chosen number of rakaats? 
3. Open flap to read question:

Show Juloos position
Show 4 parts you must wash in wudhu
Do press up the number of rakats in maghrib
Say the names of the salaa backwards
Show the actions for one rakaa
Do 5 star jumps and say the salaa names
Hop the number of rakaats in Dhuhr + Asr
Clap how many rakaats we pray each day

Download complete lesson plan: Salaa
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