26 Jun 2015

Quran Word A Day: Najm/Star

Learning Objective:
To understand and appreciate the purpose of stars.

Qur'an Word: Najm, Star

Qur'an Verse: It is He Who has appointed the stars for you so you might be guided by them in the darkness of the land and sea. 6:97

Imagine if you had to meet a friend under a lamppost on the other side of a hill. As you walk towards your friend you would see the light appear over the hill, long before you could see your friend. You would know exactly what direction they were, even though you could not see them. In the same way, the stars in the sky act like lampposts. Allah tells us in the Qur’an that He has ‘made the stars for you, so that you may be guided by them in the darkness of the land and sea.’ Sailors and other travelers use the stars to help them find their way.

There is a star that is almost exactly in the north at all times, called the Polaris or the North Star. It is simple to find, if you know the shape of the Plough/Big Dipper, an easy to identify group of seven stars. Take the two stars at the end of the Big Dipper, and make an imaginary line upwards. Extend it five times the distance between the two stars. There you have it, Polaris. That way is always north. Allah has put a compass and map ready for us to use in the night sky! 
Activities: Find the North Star
On a clear night, find a space, ideally away from tall buildings and bright lights and star gaze! You can use a compass to help find the Big Dipper.

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