25 Dec 2015

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Word Collage

Learning Objective:
- To describe the character of the Holy Prophet (saw)
- To understand how his qualities are an example for us to learn from and demonstrate.

Quran Verse:
lakad kana lakum fi rasoolilahi uswatun hasanah 33:21
In the Messenger of Allah, you have the most beautiful example.
  1. Brainstorm and write down words that remind and describe the beautiful character of the Holy Prophet (saw). This stage helps to prep the brain to spot the words more easily for the next step!
  2. Look through suitable magazines for words from the list or others that may have been missed. The magazines can also be filtered by tearing out pages to search through and for younger children specifically handing them a page where a word is present, for them to locate.
  3. Use the opportunity to question and discuss why the character of the Prophet is associated with a particular word, along with examples.
  4. Compile the images into a collage. 
  5. Choose a word from the art as a character trait to work on and talk about ways in which to implement.

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