30 Jan 2016

Kufic Wall Art

The first copies of the Qur’an were written using special Arabic handwriting called Kufic. Kufic is the oldest type of Arabic calligraphy. Its name comes from the city of Kufa in Iraq. Square Kufic is a very simple rectangular version of this calligraphy used in Islamic art. Sometimes entire buildings are covered with tiles filled with names such as Allah or Muhammad, in this abstract style, a technique known as banna'i.

Activity: Tape Resist Kufic Allah Art
1. Look up some different square Kufi style calligraphy images before choosing one to replicate.
2. Use masking tape to copy and draw out the calligraphy shape on a canvas, pressing the tape down firmly.
3. Cover the entire canvas with paint.
4. Allow the paint to dry before slowly removing the tape.
5. Display your art to remind you of the beauty of Allah and His presence all around us.

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