13 Mar 2016

Time On Earth Is Short

Lesson Objective:
- Understand how short our time on Earth is compared to the Hereafter
- Reinforce how we must use our time on Earth 

Qur'an Verse:
wal aakhiratu khairun wa abqa
The hereafter is better and more lasting'. 87:17 

Activity: Live For Allah
Imagine this rope goes on forever. Imagine that this rope is a timeline of your existence. The small red part at the beginning, represents your time on Earth. You've got a few short years here on Earth and then you've got the whole of the rest of your life somewhere else. 

Allah teaches us in the Qur'an that what we do in this little time we have on Earth, this small red part of our timeline existence, is what determines how we will live for the whole of the rest of our existence forever! The deeds we plant on Earth, will determine how and what kind of life we live, for the the whole of the rest of our lives. So would you spend the red part, the time on Earth, to be as comfortable as possible, enjoying yourself as much as you can and forget about the time that will come after?! 

We must use our time on Earth, the only one small chance we have, to make sure we have done everything we can, filled our life with all the good we can, so that when we face Allah on the Day of Judgement, He can reward us with goodness that will never end, for us to enjoy forever and ever! There are so many things around us that tempt and take us away from living the way Allah has said, but we must remind ourselves all the time, 'wal aakhiratu khairun wa abqa, the hereafter is better and more lasting'.

Watch: Video Clip Illustatration

Activity: Will your deeds reach Janna?

Actions and deeds which are done to please Allah, will last forever and benefit us in the hereafter

Activity: Sweet Choices

Lessons from Karbala:
On the night before Ashura, Hurr could hear the children crying of thirst. He walked up and down and could be seen to be in a worried state. When one of the soldiers asked him why, Hurr replied, “What answer shall I give to Allah when He will ask me about the grandson of His Prophet being thirsty?” Hurr believed in Allah and knew that his responsibility was to obey Allah and serve His creation. Hurr knew that he would return to Allah and be accountable for his actions. He had to make a choice; Obey Yazid and gain power and wealth which he would enjoy only for a short time in this world or obey Allah and be rewarded with endless treasures in the hereafter.
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