21 Apr 2016

Surah Lahab 111

Download and Print Summary Sheet
Lesson Objectives:
- Surah background
- Wealth and power in the world are temporary and can not save you from Allah’s punishment
- Only actions done for Allah can help you in the hereafter.
- To become familiar with the meaning of surah Lahab through key Quranic vocabulary

Quranic Verse:

Surah Lahab 111

Activity: Surah Summary Sheet
Activity: Will your deeds reach Janna?
Have the children standing in pairs to face each other a small distance apart.
Give one child labelled up as 'Earth', some balls to throw across to ‘Jannah’.
Actions and deeds which are done to please Allah, will last forever and benefit us in the hereafter.
Have the children continue, naming an action which will benefit us in the hereafter, before each throw. E.g. Charity, kindness, listening to parents, learning useful knowledge.

Next give ‘Earth’ some bubbles to blow across for ‘Jannah’ to catch. They will pop!
Actions and deeds which are done to build a good life only in this world, are temporary and will be left behind on Earth when we die. They will be of no use to us in the hereafter.
Go through a list of actions and deeds which are done to build a good life only in this world. E.g. having lots of money, having a fast car, lots of toys, watching tv, eating delicious food.

For older children:
Discuss the concept of intention and how sometimes even good actions can become bubbles and pop – why? If an action is done to show off etc, not only to please God, even if it is a good deed, will not reach Jannah. Similarly, an action may appear a waste of time like watching tv, but if done in moderation and with the intention to relax and refresh ourselves so that we can serve God better, it becomes beneficial. Use the activity as a self reflection tool - How many balls and bubbles have I thrown across today?

Download Complete Lesson Plan: Surah Lahab

Book: Quranic Treasures: Surah Al Masad 
Part of an enlightening series which helps children to understand the story and context behind the surahs. It ends with a section on practical lessons which can be learnt and applied to our own daily lives.

Book: Yasser and Zahra Discover Surah Lahab
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