21 Apr 2016

Surah Kawthar 108

Quran Verse:
Surah Kawthar 108

Lesson Objectives:
- to know the context to the revelation of Surah Kawthar
- to understand how the Prophet is not ‘abtar’
- to understand what kawthar could refer to

Background story of the revelation 
The Prophet (SAW) had a son called Tahir, but he died when he was very young. Some of the unbelievers would tease the Prophet, calling him ‘abtar’. The word 'abtar' means an animal without a tail. The cruel people were saying that the Prophet was 'abtar', because he didn’t have children to carry on his family. The enemies thought that this meant there would be no one to remember the Prophet in the future, or to keep teaching his message of Islam after his death. But they were wrong. When Lady Fatima (as) was born, Allah revealed Surah Kawthar.

Indeed, We have given you Kawthar,

So pray to your Lord and make a sacrifice
For sure, it will be the enemies who will have their future cut off.

Allah comforted the Prophet, reminding him that he has been given kawther, and that it would infact be the enemies of Islam, who would became ‘abtar’, forgotten after they had died. 
When the Prophet was asked what kawthar meant, he replied that it was a stream in heaven especially for the believers. He said that Kawthar also meant abundance, plenty, and the birth of Lady Fatima showed that through her, his family, his descendants, would grow to an abundance! 

The promise of Allah was certainly true. The disbelievers thought the name of the Messenger would be cut off, yet 1400 years later, The Holy Prophet is still remembered and loved long after those disbelievers were dead and forgotten! You hear the the name of Muhammad (SAW) all around the world, in the adhaan, during salaa and in the salawaat. Allah made sure the Prophet was never forgotten by those in the heavens and the Earth! Allah gave the Prophet Kawthar, abundance of good, in this world and in the hereafter. 

Activity: Special Link
Lady Fatima (as) was the daughter of the Holy Prophet and the wife of Imam Ali. She is the special link between the Prophets and the Imams. The Ahlulbayt and their families, all the descendants of the Prophet (SAW),  have all come through Lady Fatima (as). 

Activity: Poem
The enemies of Islam were mean, and they would make fun, as the Holy Prophet, didn't have a son.
Some say 'kawther' means Lady Fatimah and the abundance of her descendants around,
Yet those very enemies of the Prophet, today none of their descendants can be found.
Surah Kawther is the shortest Surah, it's small and concise.
Kawther' also means good in abundance and is a river in paradise.
I pray to get a chance to drink this blessed water,
With the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Lady Fatimah his daughter.
(Taken from 'The Brothers and Sisters Learn about Juz 30')

Activity: Surah Facts and Quranic Vocabulary

Surah Kawthar is the shortest surah in the Qur’an! 
The surah is so small that it has only three verses. 
The ayaat are so small that there are only eleven words altogether in the whole surah!

Find and highlight the words:
inna - indeed, for sure, 
Kawthar, abundance, plenty 
abtar, cut off, without children to carry on the family
salli, pray
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