16 Apr 2016

Unity Is Strength

Lesson Objective:
- Understand the importance of working together and staying united.

Qur'an Verse:wa la taffaraqu

Do not be disunited 3:103

Activity: Together We Are Stronger

Give the child a piece of dry spaghetti and ask them if they can break it. 
Then hold out a whole bundle of spaghetti together and see if they can do the same again. 

It's only when you separate the spaghetti sticks does it become easy to snap. 
On our own we are weak, but when we work together we are strong! We must stay united.

Activity: Dua Wahda, Prayer Of Unity
Although the Muslims in the Battle of Badr were few in number, their firm faith together with the leadership of the Prophet (S.A.W.) ensured victory through miraculous help from Allah (SWT) in the form of three thousand angels. After winning the battle, all the Muslim warriors were asked by Prophet of Allah (S.A.W) to join hands and recite Dua Wahda, popularly know as Prayer of Unity.

Have the children join hands as they recite the prayer. They may be familiar with hearing the dua as it is recited at the end of Jum'uah salaa on Fridays. 

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