17 Apr 2016

The Road Of Goodness

Quran Verse:
Wa ahsin, Do good 28:77

This craft is best done as a follow up to the visual activity Good Deeds Magnet.
Good deeds are magnetic. Every time you do a good deed, Allah pulls you closer to Him! It’s like getting a special hug from someone who loves you so much! To stay close to Allah, do what He loves. 

Activity: Ahsin Street: The Road Of Goodness
We must show what it means to be a Muslim by behaving in the way Allah has told us. Spend your time doing good to everyone around.

1. Have the children draw a road around the paper plate.
2. Have them write a few good deeds onto the green circular signposts and stick them along the road.
3. Cut out a cardboard figure and attach some paperclips over it.
4. Glue a small magnet onto a lolly stick
5. Place the stick under the paper plate and use it to control the figure and make him walk along 'Ahsin Street'. 

Before you do anything, think, is this a magnetic good deed that would take me closer to Allah? Would this action make Allah happy? Make sure you always stay on Ahsin street, the road of goodness!
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