5 Jun 2016

Dear God

Learning Objective:
Encourage talking to Allah by preparing some conversation prompts.

These can be used as part of the prayer wall envelopes, with the child choosing one daily to write on a postcard. 

I wish
I hope
I feel sad about
Please look after
I am scared about
I am worried about
I feel excited about
I feel angry about
I would really like
I want to improve
I don't want
If I could change one thing
I don't like it when
I need help with
I would like to be better at
I find it hard to
I don't understand
My friends
Please can You
I feel lonely when
I wish I could
I would like to meet
I really want to go to
The best thing
I would like the world to be
I wish there wasn't
I wish I was alive when
I wish I could see
I'm glad I
I wish I had more
I feel special when
I get bothered by
I feel frustrated when
I feel calm when
I feel safe when
If I ruled the world
I feel left out when
I feel confident when
It helps me calm down when
A crazy thing I once did
I feel awful when
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