5 Jun 2016

Prayer Wall

Ramadhan Prayer Wall

Learning Objective:
Create a space to encourage the child to spend time in conversation with Allah daily. The prayer wall contains different envelopes with things to learn, duas to pray for and questions to answer.

Activity: Design a prayer wall
Label and decorate a set of envelopes with different prayer headings.
Select the number and envelope categories according to the child it is intended for.
Place related activity inserts into each one.

Envelope Headings and Inserts

1. Praise Allah: Print the Asmaul Husna Alphabet Rhymes. Cut out each rhyme and insert into the envelope. Pick and read one everyday, using the special quality to praise Allah.

2. Thank Allah: Talk about what you are grateful for today
30 Gratitude Prompts

3. Sorry: Think about your day. Is there anything that you want to say sorry for?
These ‘Thank you, Sorry, Please’ cards can also be used to stick onto the wall.

4. Family: Write up a list of family and friends. Cut the names into strips or use lolly sticks and place inside the envelope. Pick one everyday and pray for the person on it.

5. The World: Print a list of 30 countries. Cut each one and place into the envelope. Pick one everyday and match the country of the day onto the world map. Use the praying for peace chart to make Dua for the people of that country.

6. Qunoot Duas: Print the Quranic Dua Calendar Inserts. Cut each one and place into the envelope. Look for and highlight the dua in your Qur'an. Younger children can use the 30 day Quran Calendar to read and learn a new verse.

7. Dear God: Print the sentence prompts and cut each into strips. Pick one each day to start a conversation with Allah.

8. Be still: Use a timer to sit in silence. Listen to and focus on your breath.

Activity: Prayer Wall Worksheet
Print the accompanying worksheet to collect together the envelope inserts and answer any questions on them. Older children may be able to complete one worksheet per day as part of a monthly project and collect them together in a scrapbook.

Resources: To explore the concept further, use the 30 Days of Prayer activities alongside.
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