21 Jun 2016

Envelope Prayer Book

Opened up book complete with inserts

Learning Objective:

- To make a compact folding dua book which includes insert reminders of who to pray for.
- To provide a portable prayer wall which can be used throughout the year.

This activity can be used as an extension after having explored the prayer hand and the teaspoon prayers.

1. Line up and stick three envelopes together onto their flaps and cut off the last opening.
2. Label up each of the envelopes as separate prayer titles.
3. Turn over the open envelope book and label up another two prayer sections. These will not have an insert opening but can be written on. Decorate a front cover on the third space.
4. Place corresponding inserts into each opening.

The World, People to pray for and My Duas
Reverse labels: Praise, Thanks, Front cover.

Folded Envelope Book

The World

Attach a fold out world map. Place a list of countries to pray for and some dot stickers to mark them off inside the envelope.

People to pray for
- Write the names of family and friends onto a body outline.
- Stick a plaster onto a card as a reminder to pray for the sick

My Duas
- Make up a small booklet on which personal duas can be written
- Mark a chalkboard label with the word sorry as a reminder to ask Allah to wipe away what wrong we have done.

Write words that remind you of the Greatness of Allah and what He means to you.

Draw/write the things you are grateful for

Insert filled folding prayer book
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