5 Feb 2017

The 5Ps to Perfecting our Prayer

Qur'an Verse:
Akimis salaata li dhikri, Keep up Salaa for My remembrance 20:14

Salaa is the main pillar of Islam. It is the action which must be given the greatest importance because the acceptance of all our deeds depend on the acceptance of salaa. Below are five areas we can work on to improve our salaa and fill it with the remembrance of Allah.

1. Prioritize
Be aware of the salaa times so you can schedule your day accordingly around salaa. Put Allah first when making other plans!
See also: Put God First

2. Prepare
- Think of Allah during the day not just at salaa time
- Wudhu with duas
- Adhaan
- Perfume/Clean clothes/Aqiq ring
- Understand meanings

3. Ponder
Pause and sit for a minute before you start salaa and think
- Why am I praying? 
- Who am I praying to? You are standing infront of your Creator. A greater meeting than with the Queen!

4. Pay Attention
Remove distractions: 
- sound: Close door/away from people talking/TV/phone on silent
- eyes: no people passing infront of/looking at 5 different points when praying
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5. Pray for help
Even Prophet Ibrahim asked Allah to help him keep up the salaa! Learn the Quranic dua 14:40 and ask Allah to help you understand and give importance to praying salaa properly. 

Activity: The 5Ps to Perfecting our Prayer
Have the children illustrate the lesson by drawing around the hand and labelling each finger with one of the 5Ps. Have them brainstorm and add notes how each one can be worked on. Have them reflect, share ideas and write down one action point on how they will work on improving their salaa to implement the lesson. Explain how to make progressive goals and work through each one over time.

Watch lesson in action

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