11 Mar 2015

A Recipe For Success

Qur'an verse:
Inna hadhal quranna yahdi
Indeed this Qur'an guides 17:9

Activity: Follow The Recipe
Show the children a recipe to make some cookies or cake. Read out the ingredients but as you do so mention how you don't have certain items and so will substitute it for another, e.g. salt for flour, vinegar for water, coffee instead of chocolate. You could even leave a key ingredient out saying you don't think it'll make any difference. Mix the ingredients together and then say that you feel lazy to put them in the oven. Is it ok to just eat them as they are? Do you think these cookies will taste as yummy as the recipe says they should? Why not?!

Allah has given us a recipe to follow in the Qur'an, showing us how to live. We have to listen and do what Allah says and follow His recipe and instructions in exactly the right way. We can not substitute the ingredients or change the recipe with what we think is better. We can not follow some parts of the recipe and leave out others! We have to follow all the steps in the right way so that we can become the best human beings that Allah has designed us to be!
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