14 Mar 2017

Duas for Wudhu

Lesson Objective:
- To know that there are duas to be recited at every stage of wudhu. 
- To know how recitation of the specific duas helps you become more mindful of the process 
- To know which dua to recite for the washing of each part.

Wudhu is one of the key ways to help us prepare for salaa. The Ahlulbayt have taught us beautiful duas to recite at every stage of wudhu. Even if you don't know the exact words, it is important to try and think with each part that you are washing, 'how can I use this part of my body to do good?' The actions of wudhu remind you to obey Allah from head to toe!

Activity: Obey Allah from head to toe!
Draw a person and label the parts we wash in wudhu. What can you think of with each washing?

Mouth: Speak good and truthful words, not mean, rude, lying.
Face: Shine with the beauty of goodness
Right Arm: Do the right actions that make Allah happy
Left Arm: Stay away from doing wrong
Head: Ask Allah to take away any bad thoughts, help you learn good things, take away distractions in your mind and help you focus on salaa.
Feet: Remain steady on the path that brings you close to Allah

Activity: Duas for Wudhu
The specific duas to be recited at each stage can be found and printed online here. 
Cut out strips with individual duas for each stage. Have the children select a dua at random and match it to the correct action at which it is recited. Go round the group again but this time mime the action of wudhu and have the children recall the dua to be recited. 

Download dua text to cut and paste

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