5 Mar 2017

The Power of Wudhu

Learning Objective:
- To understand how wudhu calms the flames of anger

Anger is like fire. It's like a flame, a heat which rises inside you until you explode. Hold a balloon over a candle flame and watch it pop!

The best thing to put out a fire is water. We can help cool down our anger by drinking some water or splashing some onto our face. The Ahlulbayt have taught us that it's even better to do wudhu. 

Fill a second balloon with water before tying it up. Hold the balloon with the swirling water inside over the flame. Watch how the water absorbs the heat and the area on the balloon darkens. The balloon doesn't pop!

So next time you feel angry, don't explode and pop. Go and drink some water or make wudhu and pray to Allah to protect you from the flames of anger.  

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