30 Apr 2017

Season of Worship

It is the beginning of a very special season. The next three months, Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadhan are three special months that make it a season of worship. A special time to increase in our remembrance of Allah. In Rajab, we clear the weeds, prepare the soil and plant the seeds by asking Allah for forgiveness to clean our hearts from all that is wrong and recite lots of Surah Ikhlas. In Sha'ban, we water the seeds by continuing to do good deeds and reciting lots of salawaat! Our seeds begins to sprout. Finally, we are ready to be the guests of Allah in the month of Ramadhan. During this month, we can see the fruits of our hard work and worship and harvest the rewards.  

Activity: Seed Planting
Plant some sunflower seeds into a pot and label with the seasons of worship
Rajab: The month for planting
Sha'ban: The month for watering
Ramadhan: The month for harvest

Activity: Recitation of Surah Ikhlas
A special time to increase in our remembrance of Allah. In this month, we have been taught to try and recite laillaha illa/astaghfirullah and sura Iklhas as much as we can. 

Activity: Dhikr Tasbeeh Tracking Ideas 
Lots of different ways to engage and motivate little ones to keep up their Dhikr recitations; from stickers, digital counters, tally charts, timers, colouring in square and even sweets! 

Rajab Dua by Buzz Ideazz

Rajab A'mal Daily Checklist by Kisa Kids
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