8 May 2014

The Special Season Of Worship

Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadhan are three special months that together make a season of worship. A special time to increase in our remembrance of Allah. In this month, we have been taught to try and recite laillaha illa/astaghfirullah and sura Iklhas as much as we can. 

Activity: Rajab calendar
Illustrate the calendar with a drawing and display it as a reminder of the important events in the month.

Download and print calendar

Use together with the Rajab calendar to keep track of the celebrations of the month. Template to print candles with the birth dates of each of the Imams available online.

Activity: Surah Ikhlas
Emphasising the importance of reciting surah Ikhlas in the month of Rajab as recommended by the Holy Prophet (saw). Make it a habit to recite with the child everyday, marking with a gold star. Leave the stickers in a visible place and encourage the child to try and remember throughout the day. Each recitation is 'like a shining light in the darkness, showing you the way to reach Allah'.

Activity: Tasbeeh Bead Craft
Use your tasbeeh to recite the recommended dhikr of Rajab everyday and mark it with a tick/sticker on the calendar

Activity: Digital Tally Counter Tasbeeh
Set a daily target to recite the dhikr of the month. You can also incorporate a charity element by adding the equivalent number of coins in the donation box and choosing a cause to donate towards at the end of the month. 

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