27 May 2017

Moon Viewer

Learning Objective:
Understand the correlation between the passing of time and the change in moon shape.

Qur'an Verse: And We have made set phases for the moon 36:39

Activity: Moon Phase Viewer
A simple moon phase demonstration to help children see how the shape of the moon changes over the course of a month. 

You will need: A5 Black card approx 15x10cm, white card 21cmx9cm
1. Fold the black card in half towards you
2. Draw out a square measuring 3x3cm at each of the corners of the white card and then cut these out.
3. Slide the white card under the black so that both the side edges line up.
4. Place a bottle lid in the middle of the black card and draw around it. Press down hard so that the circle markings come through on the same place on the white card underneath.
5. Open up the black card and cut out the circle. Cut out the circle on the white card too. 
6. Slide the white card back underneath. Your moon viewer is ready! Slide it across slowly to see the different moon phases and find out their names.

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