20 Sep 2017

Muharram Resources

Tears for Kerbala by Dr. Liaket Dewji
Let's learn about the 12 Days of Muharram 
Lessons from Karbala by Asr Kids
Learning the Lessons of Karbala with Class 14A by Nargis El-Hadi
Yaseer & Zahra Meet the Heroes of Kerbala by Binte Abbas
Pearls of Karbala by Fatemazahra Merali - The lessons can also be downloaded as posters online

Lessons From Karbala by Islam From the Start
Muharram Workbooks for Children by The Academy for Learning Islam
Knowing the Ma'sumin: Imam Husayn (a) Workbook by The Academy for Learning Islam
Kisa Kids Project Booklets
Muharram Reflection by The Tasbih Project
Salamoji Muharram Workbook by Zahra Trust Media

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