19 Mar 2018

Dhikr Square

Numbered Dhikr Square For Younger Children

Use the hundred grid Dhikr Square as a tracker to mark tasbeeh recitation during 
a’amaal nights and the special seasons of worship.

Older children (or parents alongside their little ones!) can use the plain grid to set their own targets and draw up a key accordingly. They may for example colour one square for every 5-10 recitations. 

Plain Grid To Be Used For Individual Targets

Activity: Rajab Dhikr
The Holy Prophet (S) emphasised great reward in reciting Suratul Ikhlas in the month of Rajab. Younger children can recite and colour 3-4 squares of the numbered grid every day to complete 100 Surah Ikhlas by the end of the month. Older children can use the plain grid to set their own targets, draw up a key and aim to complete the square by the end of the month. 

Activity: Sha’ban Salawaat

Activity: Laylatul Qadr A'maal
Use the Dhikr Square to help you recite one hundred Surah Qadr through the night!
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