9 Mar 2018

Ar Rahman: The Most Kind

Quran Verse:
Wa rahmati wasi'at kulla shay
My Rahma covers and surrounds everything 7:156

Lesson Introduction:
Allah has 99 names and out of all of them, He chose to begin every Surah, except one, using His Ism Ar Rahman.

Allah is Ar Rahman, extremely kind and caring. He is the Most Kind. He loves you and cares for you with a level of kindness we can never imagine or understand. Allah's kindness is showered upon every single thing He has created. Allah is kind to us even if we have done something wrong. Allah’s Rahma is like a never ending thunderstorm of rain which drenches you through completely! When we start something by saying Bismillah, we are reminded that Allah the Most Kind is with us and He is showering us with His care. Allah Ar Rahman is our greatest blessing!

Surah 55 is called Ar Rahman and reminds us of the blessings Allah has given us.
Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He sent Prophet Muhammad as a Rahma to the world.
Allah’s love for us is 70x greater than a mother’s love for her child.

When Allah created us, He made us His Khalifa on Earth. We must show the qualities of Allah in our manners and behaviour, to all those around us. We must help them to see Allah’s Rahma by behaving with extra special kindness towards them.The more mercy you show, the more you will receive.

Rhyme: ABC of Asmaul Husna
Allah is Ar Rahman
The Merciful and Kind
His kindness shines brightly
On all that He does find

Visual: Ar Rahman is the source of life
Shine a torch all around. Everything on Earth is completely dependent on the Sun, there would be no life without it. The sun shines on and benefits everyone no matter how good or bad they are. Allah is Ar Rahman, the one we all depend on, our greatest blessing! Allah's kindness is showered upon every single thing He has created. We would not survive if it was not for Allah’s Rahma!

Then hold the torch still and ask how will you benefit from the light now? You have to move towards it! Ar Raheem is the extra special kindness from Allah for those who move towards Him by doing what He loves!

Story: Our Lord Ar Rahman!
There was once a time that Prophet Musa was going to the mountain when he was met by a disbeliever who asked him if he was going to talk to Allah. Musa (a) said yes after which the man said "Tell Him that I do not believe in Him, so He should hold back His sustenance from me. And if the air that I breathe is from Him, tell Him to take it away and snatch it from my mouth!" So, Musa (a) talks with God. And Allah says, "Musa, tell him that, "Your Lord bids you peace and He says to you that you can be My creature and reject faith in Me but I, being your God and Lord, will never stop sustaining you for as long as I keep you alive."

Craft: Blessings from Ar Rahman 
Make a paper plate sun craft writing what blessings Allah has given you on each ray of light. 

Activity: Ways to show Rahma
Think of ways you can show Rahma to the people, animals and environment around you; Put together a Blessing bag with items to help those in need, Make a Bird feeder, 30 days of goodness activities.
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