22 Jun 2018

Surah Jumuah Story Bag Summary

Learning objective
-          To recap and summarise Surah Jum’uah (62) through storybox objects
-          To highlight 4 key concepts for the children to take away and practice

Story Box Objects
Use physical objects or printed images which can be place into numbered envelopes for children to open in sequence with the surah translation.

·        Card with the number 62
What do you think this number has to do with Surah Jumuah?
Surah number, name and benefits

·       Globe
What is the Earth called in Arabic?
Surah Jumuah starts by telling us that everything Allah has created, everything in the heavens and earth praises Allah by doing the job Allah created them to do.

·       Name Tag
This tag tells you what my name is so you know who I am.
In Surah Jumuah Allah tells us some of His beautiful names.
Recall first 4 Asmaul Husna – these beautiful names tell us what Allah is like.

·      Crown
One of the names Allah is Al Malik
We might say this is my hand and my body but really Allah is our Creator and in the end we will all return to Allah, He is Al Malik, the true owner.
Sing associated rhyme in tune of Feres Jacques: Allah is Al Malik x2, He is the King x2, All belongs to Him x2, He owns everything x2

·        Prayer Book
Key Concept 62:2
There was once a Prophet who made a very special dua that Allah listened to and answered which we’re told about in Surah Jumuah. Who was it?
Allah answered Prophet Ibrahim's dua many hundred years later!
Always trust Allah will answer your dua

·      Whiteboard Eraser
Where have you seen one of these? In a classroom?
Prophet Ibrahim made dua for us to be sent a teacher.
Allah listened and sent us Prophet Muhammad! The best Human being.

·       Mirror
We have been sent the example of the Prophet as a teacher to follow and mirror, to be his reflection and copy everything he does.
Play simon says/copy what I do

·       Qur’an Stand
Allah tells us that He sent us the Kitab, a very special instruction book.
The Quran teaches us how to live and behave so we can become our best.

·       Donkey Play Figure/Soft toy
Key Concept 62:5
In surah Jumuah Allah tells us about a group of people who were given a special book but they did not follow it. He compares them to a himar, a donkey!
Just like a donkey doesn’t become clever just by holding lots of books, we too need to make sure we use what we know in the right way.
We need to act on the Quran and do what it says, not just read it and keep it on our shelves - we don’t want to be called donkeys!

·       Sand Timer/Clock
Key Concept 62:8
The sand timer shows how time is passing. Once it’s gone, that’s it, we can’t ever get that time back.
We must rush and do as many good deeds as we can before our time is up and we are called back to Allah.
Allah tells us in surah Jumuah that there was a group of people who said they were the favourites of Allah yet they didn’t want to die and go back to Him.
If we love Allah and do what He has asked us, then we would love to go back to Him so He can reward us for all the good we’ve done.
Think of a good deed. Throw ball, catch and say good deed. When alarm rings person holding times up!

·      Tasbeeh
Key concept 62:9 In Surah Jumuah, Allah gives us the key ingredient to being successful, Dhikr- remembering Allah a lot!
Special importance given to day of Friday
Recommended acts

Reflection: Practice what you know

Activity: My Surah Jumuah Book
Use a single A4 sheet and fold to create an 8 page mini booklet
Children to draw or write:
4 Names of Allah
Manners of the Prophet
Quran Facts
Things to do on Friday

Activity: Surah Jumuah Pictorial Translation

Download complete lesson plan: Surah Jumuah Story Bag Summary

Resources: My Suratul Jumua' Workbook by QFatima
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