26 Jan 2019

Surah Al Jumu'ah 62

Summarise the surah through story box objects

- Importance of congregation 62:9
A whole chapter dedicated to a day of the week! Jumu'ah comes from the verb ijta'ama which means the gathering together of people. It highlights the importance in Islam of congregation, meeting with other Muslims to build unity within the community. Talking about current political affairs of Muslims around the world is an important part of the Khutba, the sermon delivered during Friday prayers. It reminds us that we are one Ummah and if one part is hurting then we too should feel the pain and work together to resolve it.

Activity:  Unity is Strength
Use the activity to illustrate on our own we are weak, but when we work together we are strong! We must stay united.

- Importance of Friday 62:9-10
Surah Jumu’ah emphasises the need to set aside time for worship and the remembrance of Allah. A special time for acceptance of dua. Recommended acts on Friday.

- The need to follow and act upon Quran 62:5
Activity: A Recipe for Success
Activity: Soak Your Heart with the Quran 
Activity: Q.U.R.A.N Bookmark

- Death 62:6-8
Activity: Time on Earth is Short

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