1 Dec 2018

Surah Al Qalam 68

Surah Al-Qalam outline by Academy For Learning Islam and book Sura Qalam for Kids

- Importance of literacy 68:1
The first word to be revealed was Iqra, Read and the second surah to be revealed has been titled The Pen showing the emphasis Islam places on literacy and the value behind reading and writing in helping us to become our best.

- Manners of the Prophet and the meaning of Akhlaq 68:4
Akhlaq is more than just having good manners. It is used to describe how you behave and react without even thinking. Despite the mean way the Holy Prophet was treated, the names he was called, The Prophet always responded in the best way. He showed perfect Akhlaq every time.

- Story of the Garden and the value of giving 68:17-33

Quranic Vocabulary:
Qalam: pen
Ni’mah: blessing
Majnoon: crazy
Ajar: reward
Ashaab: companions
Miskeen: poor
Dhaleen: lost
Yawn: day
Adhaab: punishment
Dhikr: reminder

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