27 Nov 2018

Familiarization with Quranic Suras

Learning Objectives:
- To use the articles provided by Academy For Learning Islam to become familiar with the contents of one surah per week.
- To learn the Surah name and chapter number
- To highlight related verses into own Quran 
- To learn a lesson from the Surah
- To become familiar with related Quranic vocabulary
- To recall and share learning by talking about the Surah

Each lesson will be updated weekly under the relevant links inshaAllah!
Week 5 - Surah Al-Saff
Week 15 – Surah Al-Rahman
Week 16 – Surah Al-Furqan
Week 18 – Surah Al-Rum
Week 19 – Surah Al-Dukhan
Week 20 – Surah Al-Fatir
Week 22 – Surah Al-Zumar
Week 23 – Surah Al-Taghabun
Week 24 – Surah Al-Ma’arij
Week 25 – Surah Al-Najm
Week 26 – Surah Al-Shura
Week 27 – Surah Al-Tur
Week 28 – Surah Al-Luqman
Week 29 – Surah Al-Saba

QFatima: Key concepts and key ayaat of each sura of the Qur’an
QFatima: Journaling the Quran
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