1 Feb 2019

Surah Al Hujurat 49

Surah Al Hujurat 49 outline by Academy For Learning Islam

- Known as Surah of Akhlaq as it gives us instructions on how to deal with one another with the best social etiquette 49:6-12
A Muslim is one who is at peace because he has submitted to and follows Allah’s rules. When we behave according to the commands in Surah Hujurat, our behaviour with others will always be peaceful.

- The only criteria for greatness in the eyes of Allah is Taqwa. 49:13
When we are aware of Allah, we are careful to follow His commands and it brings us the greatest level of honour.

- Read verses 6-12 and highlight in your Quran the golden rules of social behaviour.
- Create a poster using the template of short Quranic phrases. Choose one verse to memorise and work on improving within yourself.
- Role play a scenario using some of the commands or illustrate it with a short story.

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