22 Feb 2019

Surah Al Nuh 71

Although the Biblical account provides details about the construction of the Ark and Noah’s life after the flood, the Quran focuses almost entirely upon Noah’s function as a warner who called his people to guidance and their subsequent rejection of him. 

Surah Al Nuh outline by Academy For Learning Islam

- Prophet Nuh (a) used many strategies to persuade his people to turn towards the worship of One God (Quranic Reflection No. 407)

- Prophet Nuh persevered for 950 years managing to gain only 1 follower every 12 years!
Lesson Resilience

- Determination and effort is more important in the eyes of Allah than outcome and results.
Listen to short clip: Noah: The Unwavering One - Sh Azhar Nasser

- Dua of Prophet Nuh 71:28 (see also 54:10, 23:29)
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