3 Mar 2019

Surah Al Waqia 56

Surah Al Waqia outline by Academy For Learning Islam

Recommended regular recitation
Although all chapters of the Quran are important and have many benefits, there are some which have been stressed upon even more. The details in this surah remind us daily of our purpose, goal and destination.

- The Day of Judgement is a definite event 56:1-6
Mountains which act as pegs and hold the earth down giving stability, will crumble to dust

- Three groups of people 56:7-10
There will be three different groups on the Day of Judgment according to their deeds in the world.
Ashabul Mashama: People of the left hand, the wicked and astray. We ask Allah in Surah Al Hamd in every salaa to keep us away from being the dhaleen, the astray.
Ashabul Maymana: People of the right hand, the better and average in doing good.
Sabiqoon: The foremost and first, leading the way to goodness. The Sabiqoon rush to obey and please Allah. The people in this group include the earliest and first believers and the 313 people who will rush to help and answer the call of Imam Mahdi (ATF)!

- The Sabiqoon, the foremost
Our goal is to be of the muqarrabun, the ones closest to God. In this Surah, Allah tells us that to reach this position we must be of the Sabiqoon. These people strive to be, think and do good at every opportunity, they want to be in the front lines of racing towards Allah. Check your behaviour at salaa time - are you rushing to get ready and pray?

- Fastabiqul Khayrat, Rush to do good!
Activity: Pop Before It Drops!

- Description of the prize! 56:11-56
 The Quran gives vivid descriptions of Heaven and Hell which can be visualized.
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