15 Mar 2019

Titles of the Holy Quran

Quran verse: 
Shahru Ramadhan Alladhi Unzila Fihil Quran 2:185
The month of Ramadhan is one in which the Quran was sent down

The word Quran comes from the root Arabic letterق ر أ, meaning to recite or to read. The Quran is the most often recited book in the world!

Allah has mentioned many qualities of the Quran within the holy book itself and each of these titles tells us something about the Quran, helping us to know it better and build a clear picture that the Quran is more than just a book ‘to read and recite’. It is Huda a guide, shifa a healing, Bayyan a clear message, Kalamullah a word of God, and more.

Download worksheet: Titles and Attributes of the Holy Quran
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