3 May 2020

Surah Yaseen: Lessons from the Past 3/4

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Learning Objective:
- To gain a overview into the contents and lessons from Surah Yaseen 36:13-32

• Do what is right regardless of whether people acknowledge or listen to us, Allah knows!
• Like the man who came running, we all have a duty to care for each other and use whatever we have to encourage goodness.
• Don’t think of any action as insignificant. In the eyes of Allah, your voice counts! The actions of Habib were loved by Allah and recorded for eternity in the Quran – he is given more mention than the messengers.
• Listen to the voice which comes from the heart. We have all been given an inner compass which points to Allah and the truth.
• Don’t blame others. You are the dictator of your own future by your intentions, thoughts, & actions.
• Use your chance today to turn to Allah and correct your actions otherwise it might be too late!
• Allah has the power to wipe out entire nations in a single moment

Quranic Vocabulary
Mathalan, Bi thaalithin, basharun mithluna, rabbuna ya’lum, tataiyarna, qawmun musrifoon, rajulun yas’a, ajran,shafaa, amantu, sayhatan wahidatan

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Complete Series: Surah Yaseen Storytelling Sessions

Why does the Quran use parables?
What excuse did the people give for not believing in the messengers?
What name of Allah confirmed to the messengers that Allah knew they were doing their job?
What is the one duty of a messenger?
What did it mean to say the messengers had ‘a bird of evil omen’ with them?
Why are the people called musrifoon/excessive?
What reason does the man who came running give as why the people should follow the messengers?
What two points does the man use to convince himself of belief in Allah?
What was is first concern when he entered Jannah?
How were the people of the town punished?
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