4 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Zaa

Is for Zaytoon
Olives are a special fruit mentioned in the Quran which tells us it comes from a blessed tree. Olive trees are some of the oldest in the world and most survive for more than 1000 years! We have been recommended to not only eat olives but also to use its oil on our hair and skin. Do you know which other fruits are mentioned in the Quran?
Song: Fruits in the Quran sung to the tune of twinkle little star'Enab 'Enab juicy grapeRutab Rutab, a brown dateTeen teen, a fig I seeZaytoon olive on a treeSweet red rummanThese are fruits in the Qur'an

Is for Zakat
Zakat is a special charity payment we give in the way of Allah to those in need. Zakat ul Fitr is wajib to be made after the moon of Eid is sighted. It teaches us, especially on days of celebration, to always first remember the poor. There is joy in sharing what we have and it is a way of thanking Allah for giving us so much, allowing other people to enjoy Eid too.

Activity: Decorate an envelope and keep it aside for your parents to use for the Zakat Ul Fitr payment.

Quranic Alphabet project shared by a mum

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