8 Mar 2020

Imam Ali Storybag

Lesson Objective:
To gain a brief overview of the life of our 1st Imam through visual aids.

Place all the objects into a bag and have the children pick out an item in turn. Use the prop to talk about how each object relates to the life of Imam Ali (as). Repeat the activity a second time but have each child recall an object from the bag and 'show and tell' to the class about what the object signifies. Older children can use the props to write their own short biography/poem about the Imam. 

- Large black box/Ka'ba model: Story of the birth of Imam Ali (a)
- Heart: Very close to and loved by the Prophet, married Lady Fatima (a)
- House: Always helpful, cooking cleaning, looking after children
- Lion: Bravery, Asadullah
- Doll house bed: Sleeping the Prophet's bed during Hijra
- Nahjul Balagha/book: Very clever, brilliant speaker
- Shirts: Generosity with Qambar
- Ring: Charity while praying
- Bowl: Father of the orphans, feed poor in the night
- Photo of shrine in Najaf

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