15 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Kaf

ك is for Kitab, Book
The Quran, the book of Allah is the most important kitab. Did you know that the first world Allah revealed in the Quran was Iqra, which is the Arabic word meaning Read. How important must reading be for Allah to choose that as the first word He told us! Reading helps to develop your brain, learn about the world around you and is fun too!
Craft: Make and decorate a bookmark. Punch a hole at the top and add a ribbon.
Activity: Make a one page book using a single sheet of paper. Use it to write or draw all about you and your favourite things.
Dua: Rabbi Zidnee ‘Ilman, O Allah, increase me in knowledge Holy Quran 20:114

Quranic Alphabet project shared by a mum

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