14 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Qaf

ق is for Quran
The Quran is the word of Allah and was brought down by Angel Jibrael to Prophet Muhammad (S) on Laylatul Qadr, the best night in the holy month of Ramadhan. The Quran contains instructions for us to follow, so we can live in the best way! We must always try to read, memorise, understand and follow the teachings of the Quran. When we recite Quran, it brings lots of blessing into our home and makes our house shine brightly for the angels to see in the heavens.
Song: Quran Teaches Me
Craft: Paper Lantern with tealight 
Activity: Suratul Qadr Memorisation

ق is for Qamar, Moon
Allah tells us in the Quran that the changing moon phases are a way of measuring time. Sighting of the new moon marks the beginning of a new month. Did you know that the moon is four times smaller than Earth and made of rocks? If you went to the moon, you would float!
Song: Look at the moon by QFatima
Activity: Playdough Moon Phases
Craft: Moonsighting Binoculars
Game: Jump to the Phases of the Moon!

ق is for Qibla
Muslims from all over the world pray facing the same direction, towards the Ka'ba in Makkah. It is called the Qibla.
Activity: Qibla Marker
Use a map/globe to point out the locations of Makkah. Decorate an arrow with a picture of the Ka’ba and stick it in the bedroom.

Quranic Alphabet project shared by a mum 

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