18 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Noon

ن Is for Nahl, Bee
There is a whole surah in the Quran called The Bee. Allah tells us that honey is made in a variety of colours and it is like medicine, making you better when you are ill. When you see bees buzzing around flowers, they are searching for nectar, a sweet liquid that the flower makes. Allah tells us in the Quran that He is the one who taught the bees where to build their homes called hives and how to collect nectar from plants and turn it into sweet honey. It takes about 12 bees their entire lives to make one single teaspoon of honey!
Game: Bee Still! Have the kids run around but they must freeze still when the buzzing bee comes near them!
Activity: Be like a bee! Have children transfer skittle sweets into a cup by using suction power of their ‘tongue’ straw. Have them empty their cups by running back to the ‘hive’ jar after each collection until the timer rings. It’s hard work!

ن Is for Nawm, Sleep
Every living thing sleeps. Sleep allows us to rest our body, muscles and mind. Without enough sleep you can forget what you’ve learned, be grumpy, have trouble listening and can become ill. Sleep is a blessing from Allah. 
Recite Ayatul Kursi and 4 Quls over some water in a spray bottle. Spray it around the room before going to bed while asking Allah to keep you safe at night.

Quranic Alphabet Project shared by a mum

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