3 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Raa

ر Is for Rahman and Rahim
Allah begins every Surah, except one, using His names Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim, the one who is extremely kind and caring. Allah is the Most Kind. He loves you and cares for you with a level of kindness we can never imagine or understand. Allah's kindness is showered upon every single thing He has created. Allah is kind to us even if we have done something wrong. Allah’s love for us is 70x greater than a mother’s love for her child.
Storytime: The Blind Worm by QFatima
Activity: Think about someone who you love in your family. Make them a card or do something that will make them happy.
Game: Use the suggestions on the Kindness Calendar to see how many acts of kindness you can fill your day with!

ر Is for Ramadhan
Ramadhan is so special it is the only month mentioned by name in the Quran. It is the month in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S). It is a special time to remember Allah, make dua and do extra good deeds! Ramadhan is also the month of fasting when we do not eat food or drink water from sunrise in the morning until sunset in the evening. For iftar we open our fast with dates like Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to. They are sweet and give us energy quickly.
Activity: Date Balls
Game: Ramadhan Flash Cards Memory Game by Smart Ark
Song: Ramadhan Playlist by Buzz Ideazz

Quranic Alphabet project shared by a mum

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