4 Jun 2020

A Beautiful World Of Colours.

Learning Objective: 
- To know that Allah created us all in different shades and colours
- Working together helps us to create more beauty!

Quran Verse:
Among His signs is the difference of your languages and colours Surah Rum 30:22

Activity: A Beautiful World 
Allah made us all a different shade and colour. No one colour is better than another. By mixing and working together, we can create a brighter more beautiful world!

1. Divide a paper plate into six sections.
2. Squeeze the colours red, yellow and blue into alternating sections.
3. Have the child dab their paintbrush into red and paint onto the section inbetween. Wash the paintbrush and dab the brush into the yellow paint.
4. Add the yellow to the red, mix together and watch it create orange.
5. Continue in the same way creating green by mixing blue and yellow and purple by mixing red and blue. Don’t forget to wash the paintbrush each time!
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