15 Dec 2023

Christmas in Palestine: Cards and Flyers

Did you know that the 8 pointed Bethleham star is a Palestinian tatreez embroidery symbol that has decorated artwork for centuries. It also looks like a snowflake and is a pattern that you will find on lots of different Christmas items like jumpers and wrapping paper.

This year, Christmas is not being celebrated in Palestine even through it is the place where Prophet Isa (a) was born. This is because of the 20,000 people that have been killed by Israli forces over the last two months in a genocide that is still ongoing. 

Download and print flyers to post in your local neighbourhood or slot the handout inside christmas cards.

The QR code opens to the PDF of the booklet Injustice Illustrated by Friends of Al Aqsa which is a hand drawn booklet with key facts on the different aspects of injustice ingrained in the every day lives of the Palestinian people. 

Download Christmas in Palestine Greeting Cards 

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