1 Apr 2012

Tasbeeh Fatima Zahra (as)

Quranic Verse:
Udhkurullaha katheerun 8:45
Remember Allah Much!

Learning Objective:
- For younger children to be familiar with the tasbeeh and its recitation. 
For the older ones: 
- An explanation of the phrases and what to think about while reciting each one.
- An understanding that this gift from Allah to Bibi Fatima (as) can help us too when we are in difficulty.

Sayyidah Fatima [A] used to work very hard in her house. Her father saw how hard she worked. So one day he brought a gift from Allah to overcome her difficulties. He told her that he was going to give her something that would be better than anything else in the world. He gave her ‘taṣbīḥ’. He told her that after every Ṣalāh she should say: Allahu Akber: 34 times Alhamdulilah: 33 times Subhanallah: 33 times.

Sayyida used blue knotted wool as her first tasbeeh. Then she made clay beads from the earth of Hazrat Hamza’s grave threaded on blue thread. Now it is preferred to use clay from where Imam Husayn (pbuh) is buried.

The tasbih is a special gift from Allah to the Holy Prophet to his daughter, Bibi Fatima, who then shared the gift with us! We should try to recite this taṣbīḥ whenever we can, not only after our ṣalāh.

Lesson: Allahu Akbar!
Allah is in control and He has power over everything. Allah is Great! Nothing and nobody is Greater than Him.What Allah says is greater than what people say. What Allah has asked us to do is more important then what you want to do.

Lesson: Alhamdulilah
We Praise Allah for who He is and thank Him for what He has given us. When we say Alhamdulilah with our heart, we do not moan or complain about the small things we don’t like or find difficult. Instead, we focus on all the good things and are grateful.

Lesson: SubhanAllah! 
Allah is Amazing and Perfect! Take time to think about and appreciate the wonderful world Allah has created. Think about the things that fill you with wonder and make you say ‘‘WOW SubhanAllah!’

Activity: Tasbeeh dot stickers or threading beads with either pipe cleaner/string.

Resources: Benefits of the Tasbeeh of Sayyida Fatima-Zahra

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