13 Feb 2014

The Camel: Reflecting on creation

Lesson Title: The Camel; Reflecting on creation

Lesson Objectives:
- To learn the Arabic vocabulary for camel
- Appreciate the design of the camel for the desert
- Know that everything in creation is a sign of Allah
- Understand the importance of spending time to think about the world around us
- To experience ways to slow down and become more aware 

Quran Verse:
Tafukkaroona fi khalqi 3:191
Think about what Allah has Created.

Lesson Introduction:
In the beginning when the Qur’an was revealed, the Prophet (saw) lived among the Arabs in the desert of Makkah and Madinah. Without camels, travel in the desert would be extremely difficult. Camels were the main animals used everyday for riding on and to help carry heavy loads. Camels even gave nutritious milk to drink.

In the Qur’an, Allah tells us to think about the way the camel has been created, (88:17). Allah has especially designed every single part of the camel so that it can live and serve people in the hot desert.
The camel is a sign of Allah. Although we cannot see Allah, we can see signs of His creation all around us. 

Allah tells us in the Qur’an, tafakkaroona fi khalqi, to think about what Allah has Created.
Thinking about the creation, help us appreciate the wonderful world Allah has created and the many blessing He has given us. Thinking about the creation, teaches us about the Creator! It helps us to become close to Allah and makes us realise how incredibly amazing Allah is!

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in a hadith has taught us that worshiping Allah is not just lots of praying and fasting but it is to always be thinking about Allah. He even tells us that to spend an hour thinking about Allah and His creation is better than 70 years of worship! It shows us how important it is to do what Allah has said and tafakkaroona fi khalqi, to think about what Allah has Created.


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